Putting it in Perspective

We lost a horse yesterday.  Chip started to colic the day before, but it passed and all seemed well.  Then he went down yesterday all of a sudden.  One moment, everything was fine as a small group of us rode horses either in our lesson or just riding in the indoor arena.  Then there was a huge noise outside and the huge noise was Chip going down.  It was the beginning of the end and in a few hours, it was all over. His bowel was twisted and even though everyone did everything they could (Dr. Johnson arrived ASAP), it couldn’t be helped and the poor horse had to be released from misery.

I didn’t stay around until the bitter end due to a combination of not wanting to see the bitter end and also a feeling of being in the way.  Wandering around saying “What can I do? What can I do?” seemed like a bad idea.  I was able to help with one of the chores (getting the geldings back into their stalls) which enabled more experienced hands to do more experienced work, and then I left.

So that’s a horse lost, a vet bill incurred, a hole in the herd, an aching in the heart. Leah called to tell me last night and her misery . . .her misery is heavy upon her. How could it be otherwise?

So even though it’s pretty clear to me that my #1 problem with Gabby is that I’m scared of her, I’ll stop complaining about her health.  Her blood levels are good according to the doctor and her health is in no danger that anyone can see.



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4 responses to “Putting it in Perspective

  1. I was talking to Brett about Gabby last night. This is a sad story.

  2. Very sad when one is lost. Charlie had a twisted gut which was repaired in surgery and he still had to be put down a week later. Same with Clyde. Only Gabby (a lovely Arab gelding I know) survived twisted-gut surgery, but limited his life to inactivity. The kindest thing to do is to have the horse put down, in my humble opinion.
    You are a good decision maker. Just getting out of the way in a crisis is instinctively right.

  3. I’m very sorry for the loss everyone has in this situation. I am dreading the day when one of my horse friends has to be put down.

  4. Perspective can be a good thing.

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