Time to get back to life

On Thursday, I delivered some meat out to the barn owners and yesterday, I gave some to a barn friend.  It’s good meat; grass-fed rather than grain-stuffed, low in fat, the product of cattle who have lived like cattle should.  But as we have discovered, the meat is just too . . . too darn meaty for us.  And we bought 50 pounds of this too-meaty-for-our-palates meat. Know what I mean? No? Hm. With an unfriendly tautology like that, I don’t know how you, the reader are supposed to take anything away from my complaint.  I’ve had venison (though not for over 20 years) and I’ve had lamb (only like it in gyros) so I’ve been surprised and a wee bit disappointed in my reaction to this good organic stuff. With some guilt, I ate a nice steak at a restaurant a few weekends ago and boy, was it a relief!  So the meat is leaving the cellar freezer (which was purchased to store the meat) in dribs and drabs. 

I rode Abbee for the first time on Saturday.  Abbee is a pretty Appaloosa with a dorsal stripe and a sleepy eye.  It’s not really sleepy; maybe I mean hooded.  Anyway, it makes her look very knowing and it was fun to ride her.  She breaks into a smooth little canter at the slightest provocation.  Then I had extra time and Leah asked me to ride Mopey.  I gave him some little work outside and also some carrots.

Outside!!! We were outside!  It’s as though we have none of us been outside for months and years since the snows started January.  It’s starting, you know?  Spring is starting!  Every year, we wonder: will it get here? Will it get here this time?  Is there something we can do?

I propose a bonfire on the first day of spring, along with a ritual beating of the ground with sticks to tell the earth to Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake up and put on your finery!



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3 responses to “Time to get back to life

  1. erica

    Wow, this is cool! I hadn’t stopped by for a while, and I’m so glad to hear you’re riding a bunch of (or at least two) different horses! That’s great. And I feel the same way about spring — it’s been in the 70s here in CO, but of course here it can snow into April.

  2. Me too, I’m dying for spring. Beating the ground with sticks to wake it up sounds like a great idea to me.

  3. I’m coming to the Spring awakening party. Wait for me! I’ll bring flower pedals to sprinkle.

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