Mountain Ride

The week before last, I was out of town on a work assignment (and was it tough!  I learned a big huge bunch about some stuff and it’s no exaggeration to say that I’m grateful for the opportunity  and that I hope to repeat it). I had three free-time highlights and the first was a serendipitous chat with Erica who reads this blog — and who just happens to live in the same Western town where I was stationed for the week. 

Erica, I’m so sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hi to your husband — I wound up drinking and chatting for hours by the fire with some women. One was a Texas matriarch, one was a urological nurse practitioner, and the third was a writer and a urological nurse practitioners.  That was the third of three good things.

The second was an opportunity to go riding in the mountains.  A local ranch and the hotel’s preferred provider had room for me to take an hour’s ride on a brilliant day.  I’ve never been so grateful for a Western saddle in my whole life!  And nose-to-tail riding is very comforting! Since we were up in the mountains and all, we went, well, up and down.  But my horse Henry did great, just plugged along and only spooked once (a small spook, more like a practice one).

The family that owns the ranch is amazing — three generations — and it was such a pleasure to walk along under the open sky, among the pine and running streams and melting drifts of snow.  It was one big week of gratitude but it was good, beyond good, to get back home. 


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  1. Erica

    Glad you had a great ride! And if you ever go to Santa Fe, NM, I’ll put you in touch with a great woman who leads very small groups (last time we went, it was just my daugher and me) out onto the high chaparrel for about two hours. We trotted a lot and even cantered some, and it really makes you feel like a cowgirl (dressage cowgirl, in my case)! I’m more excited by desert/plains riding than mountain riding, but it’s probably because as I get older, I get more afraid of heights!

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