My Good Deed For the Year

It’s about Gabby because the time has come to talk about cabbages, kings, and her future.

On one hand, Gabby was not the best idea in the world for me. I made my decision to buy her before I’d seen her or knew much of anything about her (and I’m not an experienced horse person so I don’t have any business making decisions that way), I felt a little worried (OK, a lot) about her size when I first saw her, and after I’d said yes I started filling my own head with noise about how it was going to be fine, I’d adjust to her size, I’d learn all about her, we would be great friends, everything would be swell (Gosh, she’s big and I’ve got a fear of heights . . . ), isn’t she beautiful and she’s an awfully nice horse etc etc etc.

And the first times I handled her on my own, I was scared to pieces. Subsequent times, I was also scared.  A few times I got into the stall with her and I burst into tears right away.  And then she got sick. 

But if I hadn’t bought her and she’d had her symptoms in her previous home, she probably would have been put down. She was being culled from the school’s herd anyway due to her inability/unwillingness to jump and her fever would have been the icing on the cake (I also think Gabby was waiting until she was someplace safe before she let down her guard and stopped fighting the infection in her withers which had to take its course eventually).  And it wasn’t just me buying her; it was a group effort to sell her and stuff.

So I saw her, I bought her, I paid for her vet care — and very soon she will no longer be mine and I cannot tell you how relieved I am.  Leah is going to take her and work with her as she becomes sound, will make the decision to breed or not, do all that stuff.  Leah knows what to do and I hope very much that Gabby will be an asset to the barn, growing in health and potential as bold girls win ribbons with her and as she throws lovely Appendix foals that will in turn win ribbons.

As for me and horse ownership . . . well . . . remember Mopey?



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4 responses to “My Good Deed For the Year

  1. Good for you! I know this was a difficult decison but it sounds like it was the right one.

  2. Hooray — Mopey! And may the good karma come your way very very soon.

  3. Great news and very good decision. I’m so happy to hear this news.

  4. Erica

    Don’t fret too much over your decision to buy Gaby. We live and learn! And you’re totally right — she was probably waiting for a safe situation in which to let that infection out. Now she’ll recover and have a good life, thanks to you.

    Now we need Mopey pictures!!

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