Baby Horsie!


Five, the big beautiful paint, had her baby last Monday night!  Five was one of the three pregnant mares at the barn, so now she’s one of one new mommies! God, baby animals are just so &^%$*#$ cute that I can’t hardly stand it!


It’s pretty wonderful.  Dennis went out abut 9 pm to check on Five and everything looked just fine.  Then, when he checked back two hours later, there was the baby! Poof! Just like that!  No one had to pull the baby out with much hoisting and sweating, there was no panic, no touch and go, no foal watch of hours and hours duration, no lost sleep.


And to show for it, there’s the little shaver looking just like his mommy! Same white face and same white patches in pretty much the same places.  The colt has pretty little eyelashes, blue eyes (although this picture doesn’t do them justice), and a flapping trail.  It’s alarming when he rests; when mother and baby were outside, he tires and folds up his long legs so he can sleep right on the ground., on the dirt.  It makes me want to clap my hands and yell “Get up! Get up!” just to make sure he’s OK.  Which I don’t do.



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2 responses to “Baby Horsie!

  1. Very cute little bald-faced boy. One mare to go? You will have so much fun just watching all these babies this Spring.

  2. I love that picture!!! Isn’t it funny how that happens. We had a mare boarded here last year that was in foal. It was my first time responsible for such an event so I went out and go a camera to monitor and ran cords all through the barns to get to the stall she was in. I set up polls for the cords so they couldn’t be chewed, installed a monitor in the house etc… Basically I spent a week and a lot of money so there would be no chance I could miss the foal. Then the day i was to test the camera I come out and see A FOAL!!! 3 weeks early!!! Up and walking around with no assistance needed from me. I was relieved that it went so well but I guess I’d have to wait for my round the clock vigil.


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