Kentucky Derby!

114.jpgDuring lessons yesterday, Leah mentioned how much she liked to pick a horse and follow it to see how it fared in the races. And I loved the Derby when I was a horse-crazy child because it was a chance to see horses on TV! And this is back in the day when there were four TV stations: The Big Three networks plus the public television station.  And one of those stations had lousy reception and watching was a dicy proposition at best (in Mid-Michigan, it was the ABC affiliate that more often than not came in snowy). Yes, I remember writing things in my childish journal like, “Today is the Kentucky Derby!” and making sure to get home in time to watch the race on a black and white television. Ah, how things have changed. Now we all have color TVs that are Huge Big with SurroundSound (“Whoosh!”), soemthing that only rich people used to own.And now that I am very experienced with gambling (Hey, I won $5.82 in Las Vegas on penny slots), I’m thinking about doing a spot  betting on the Kentucky Derby just to see what happens.  I need to  do lots and lots of research (Hooray! Research!), however, since I havn’t the slightest.  Honestly, my knowledge of betting extends as far as that song in Guys and Dolls: “I’ve got horse right here / His name is Paul Revere / And there’s a guy who says if the weather’s clear / Can Do, Can Do / This guy says the horse Can Do.”So I wonder if I could convince my husband to sit in front of our color TV with me and wear white while we guzzle faux cocktails during a certain weekend in May while the horses run. And if I’ll pick a winner. And just like the stuff I’m selling on eBay, I’ll donate 10% of my winnings to The Last Chance Corral.


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