Equine Affaire!

I spent most of the day at the Affaire yesterday, part of it as a volunteer and the rest of it as an attendee.  Two hours of work for the Affaire earned free admission and I must say I earned it.  I was one of the people standing outside handing out the free flyer for two hours and I tell you what, I am made of less sturdy stuff than the folks who stood there all day taking tickets and stamping hands. I spent the rest of my visit feeling  giddy from the cold, rushing in and out of buildings and generally tearing around the place with some good barn-mates also in attendance.  I was really touched — they bought Moe a new yellow saddle pad (to match his lead and halter) and a brush for de-tangling his muddy locks.  Barn mates rule!

I got to see some Icelandics, which was one of my main goals of attending.  They were so gentle and calm, as if the hubbub meant nothing to them!  Meanwhile, ddonkeys brayed (Man! I’ve never heard that up close and personal! No wonder they make good guard animals), foals cavorted, stallions checked the air, teachers taught, boots and shoes sold, children had their faces painted, merchants did a land office business in tack and etceteras, and the volunteer office was just so danged nice (home-made cookies for all volunteers!). I love a trade show!


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