Horsehair Bracelet

I started saving Moe-hair (“mohair”  Ha ha!) from Mopey’s tail for to make a horsehair bracelet.  I think I’m going to go with Twisted Tails for the production because I like the pictures of the delicate bracelets, the price, the instructions on how to get hair and what to do with it, and the responsiveness to e-mail. I think I have enough and so now just need to get it packaged and shipped off.

Looking at if after I collected it was a bit alarming.  It’s weird to find yourself with a handful of hair, weird to wash it, weird to put it aside and let it dry.  I sort of forgot about it and kept getting small shocks when I caught sight of the long, wild strands of mostly black tail hair drying on a towel.  I stashed the towel on top of some books on the bookshelves at just-above-eye-level.  “Good God!” I thought, “How did that get in here and what the heck is it anyway? Oh. Wait.  I know what it is. And I brought it into the house. *Whew!*.”

I scared myself with the tail end of some beets the other day too.  While slicing, one of the ratty things wound up on the floor and when I saw it out of the corner of my eye a few hours later, I thought it was some kind of horrible dead mutant lizard.  All this human-spooking gives me an added level of appreciation for why horses spook.



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2 responses to “Horsehair Bracelet

  1. I’m always saving horse hair. It just seems like such a waste to have the long beautiful hair fall out and go into the garbage. I didn’t know you could actually get someone to do something with it for you. Wow, I’ll have to check this out. My husband would be glad to see some of these hanks of hair disappear, I’m sure.

  2. I’ve seen that bracelet site before–she does really nice work.

    Have you ever seen the horse hair pottery? I found out about it while looking for something to do with Super Saint’s hair (we kept some mane hair but no tail hair, so it’s too short for the bracelets) — I think these are stunning:

    And these:

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