Spookin’ Moe

When Moe spooks at something, I get over it pretty quickly.  When I rode Gabby or Stalker, another big tall horse at the barn, I couldn’t recover.  The last time I rode Stalker, he stumbled about three times and each time I got more scared until I was in tears by the end of the lesson.  After I was done riding Gabby over poles at the Jurgen clinic, I stood back in her stall and sobbed into her mane and into the arms of one of my barn mates, almost sick with fear as I was and also scared to show it.

I don’t want to live in a fool’s paradise about Moe’s height being safer, but at 14.1 (I think; that’s based on determining where his withers come up to on me, then going home and making a mark on the door frame and then measuring the mark) I just feel one heck of a lot better than I do riding 16.1.

So yesterday Moe spooked at a patch of light on the indoor ring floor.  His spooking is generally all about stopping dead, but on Wednesday he was a little feistier, doing more of a horse-dance when he thought he something on the ground and then again when he reacted to another horse’s spook over Mysterious Noises.  And it’s OK by me.  Instead of running screaming for the exit, I’m glad because it might mean that he’s in fine fettle. And I recover very quickly from the sensation. 



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4 responses to “Spookin’ Moe

  1. I think the smallest horse at my barn is about 14.5, my Miss is right about 16 and there are 2 horses on the property that are about 18 hands!! Good grief, I can’t imagine feeling comfortable on a beast that big. I’m glad you’re feeling more comfortable even after a spook, nothing takes the joy out of riding more than fear.

  2. Glad to hear that you are more comfortable with this horse. That’s the way it should be. It’s hard to enjoy yourself when you’re quaking in your boots. The ground is closer, the horse less powerful when the horse is shorter. That’s all good. whatever it takes to build your confidence.

  3. The two hands can make a huge difference. On the the shorter horse, it’s closer to the ground. Less distance for a fall. I personally am more comfortable on shorter horse myself. Like them between 14 and 15.1 hands. And if that’s what it takes to build confidence, I say good for you because it’s important to feel confident with your horse, they know the difference and it reflects on their performance. Good Luck

  4. I’ve always gone for the larger horses – my husband on the other hand likes them closer to the ground. We have three mares measuring every bit of 16 hands and one mare measuring just shy of 15 hands. Abby – the latter, is my husbands favorite ride. Partially because you can drink a glass of water while sitting her trot. I actually bought Abby for my niece, but she quickly became everyone’s horse… and I mean EVERYONE.

    My husband did get a new horse that he adores – but he hasn’t ridden her. I have some training I have to put on her before that happens as my husband is a novice rider and we don’t know a lot about Angel yet. I also want to put some trail miles on her and see how she does first. She is gorgeous though!

    I do wonder how my husband is going to deal with her 16 hand height though…

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