Little Things (and large)

Leah said that Moe has much more spirit and what-not now that he has someone to love him. That would be me!!!! Moe is now taking a joint supplement that’s got yucca and a bunch of other stuff.  I’m hoping it eases his crookedness because he’s kinda mean when it comes to picking out his back feet.  He cow-kicks at me and he hasn’t gotten me yet, but it’s not fun. He’s kind of a pain, Moe is.

And because Moe was needed for a young rider later in the day, I rode Stalker today for my lesson. The last time I rode him, I was in tears.  It was winter, I was worried about Gabby, and Stalker kept tripping and stumbling in the frosty, frost air.  Today however, I was able to ride his 16 hand butt without fear.  Without much fear.  OK, a little fear when he sped up on me which led to me slacking off on my commands which led to Stalker coming to a complete stop whenever possible which meant he’d buffaloed me which meant starting over at the beginning, but at least I wasn’t all shook up. I worked with another instructor who has joined the barn, Lynn, and she is good! She always works my legs very hard. We spend lots of time placing them in the correct position, and then replacing them back in the correct position after they slide out of same. 

cat_07.jpgI bought Clicker Training for Cats and started reading it today.  I want to start off small — and with one cat — l and see how it works with our little darlings and see if we can’t train them to stop fighting so much. Oh, and both cats are overweight.  We went to the vet today and weren’t exactly surprised at this news.  What was sort of surprising is that the  female, Sophie, is so fat she can’t properly groom herself.  We thought it was just bad skin. Er. . . can’t blame it on the cat, can we? (blush). The glorious days of free-feeding are over, guys.  Welcome to the new way of doing things.


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