Clicker Training

I just started clicker training with one of our cats and I’m optimistic. We’re at the very basic step at the moment – the cat (when hungry) is given a treat and a “click” at the same time.  And this morning, I had an opportunity to test.

Both cats, Sophie and Sam,  run outside for a few minutes in the morning and the young male wants to wander farther away than the female and stay out longer.  Sophie is nervous and while always eager to run out the front door (not the back; the front, please), she is equally eager to return home.  Sam, however, likes to loll about on the neighbor’s porch and stay out of viewing range.  So after two sessions with the clicker over two days, I decided to try it.  I went outside and clicked about three times.  Out of nowhere, voila! Cat! So guess who got a treat?



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5 responses to “Clicker Training

  1. fiveacres

    Have you started clicker training with horses yet?

  2. Thanks for writing. I’m thinking about it but I thought I start with the cats and see what happens. They are 1) small and 2) live with us in the same house. It’s easier to arrange for 2 or 3 five-minute sessions per day. Mopey’s 30 minutes away and I can’t see him every day :^(

  3. We whistle when we feed our cats. It sounds like we’re whistling for a dog to come home. They may be, and probably are, right under foot, but we whistle anyway. So, when we need them to come in at night a little dog calling usually produces everyone.
    Same thing with the horse. Different whistle but always right as I feed her. Even if you don’t normally feed Mopey anything other than treats, if you’ll whistle or click each time you arrive, he’ll start nickering for you.

  4. What a brilliant idea. I call my wanderer by name and he panders back at me.

  5. I never thought about clicker trainer for cats. I will have to give this a try. I hate trying to track them down at night and with the coyotes in our neighborhood we don’t sleep well if the cats aren’t in, instead we worry about them becoming supper.

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