Luv is groovy

mini-heart.jpgAnd then I come home from a wonderful lesson and I am filled with love,  a love that pushes out silly things like concern over money or worries over retirement (I’m never retiring anyway so Ha ha ha!!!  I find myself thinking about retirement and money almost all the time these days because I’m doing some work for an insurance client so the language is rarely far from the top of my brain).

My lower leg position is so much better.  I think what really made the difference was a lesson I had last month wherein the instructor kept physically placing my leg in the right spot, over and over again:  “Here.  You want to put your leg here. This is where your leg goes. Not there; here.”  And all of this was on Stalker, not Mr. Mopey Mephistopheles.

Another area inwhich I’m experiencing improvement is balance.  Wow. Like, who knew I need to improve my balance other than anyone watching me? This seems to have gotten better all of a sudden after Leah asked me to change the diagonal in the air (stand stand) rather than while seated (sit sit). At first, I kept falling backwards which was a Big Clue that I had my leg too far forward.  I’m still falling back on my butt but goodness me — I can feel the balance coming along!  God, I LOVE riding!!



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3 responses to “Luv is groovy

  1. Wonderful! That’s what makes it all worthwhile. You just can’t put a dollar sign on that much happiness. My husband figured it out years and years ago, “that which makes Mama happy makes everyone happy.”

  2. fiveacres

    I loved reading about your epiphany. My most recent one was figuring out how to ask Lily to stop squarely. I knew it was me instead of her because my trainer’s working student gets nice square halts without even thinking about it.

  3. Thats one of my favorite lesson exercises! That and dog and frog. You said Leah is a meredith manor grad right? ask her about dog and frog. In fact that gave me an idea for a post 🙂 thanks, kelly

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