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I can’t find the clicker, the cats are overweight, and it costs a lot of money to lease a horse and to take lessons.  Sometimes I feel so guilty about the $ that I nearly can’t hardly stand it and I have conversations with myself about giving it up because of the cost.  We could have, like, a savings account if it weren’t for my horse pleasures.  My husband never says this and I’m not sure he even thinks this — but if I weren’t spending $ on horses, then we could afford business class tickets to Europe or wild-caught salmon 3 nights a week or maybe even give money in support of world peace.  Yes, I could give it up because of the cost — and then go right back into a funk.



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2 responses to “No Title

  1. denise

    I have thought about all the money that I spend on horses, and lessons, and tack and , and ,and.
    too. And though of all the ” other ” things I could be spending my money on. My grown children also bring it up ,because you see Iused to spend it on them..and the grandkids. I am still very generious with all of them , but not overboard anymore.
    But I know one thing for certin, If I didn’t have a horse in my life, it would feel empty and somehow less .
    I tell myself and my kids ( hubby never says a word about it ) that this is my therapy, and really what difference does it make if I spend it on a horse or yarn ???

  2. Erica

    I agree with Denise!! Don’t waste your precious time feeling guilty (such a useless emotion anyway). I have a kid in private college and three old cars (1997, 1989, 1987), both my husband and I work low-paying jobs (teacher and editor), I spend probably $500-$600 a month on my horse (boarding and training) — and of course I feel guilty, too! but think of it this way: therapists charge $120-$150 hour, insurance doesn’t pay for much if any of that, and look at all the pride and excitement and love we get from riding! Nothing could take the place of that. P.S. Just returned from a 4-day workshop on equine-facilitated mental health, so I know that for a fact!

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