Panting Cat

Never saw it before. Never saw the use for it.  Heck, never knew it existed.  But they do, especially if they’re been hunting a stinging or biting insect and the score is Sam the Cat: 0, Stinging/Biting Insect: 1.

Sammy was batting away at something that flew yesterday. He was dancing around on his back legs and very wild of eye when suddenly the game ceased and the cat stared at his right paw, utterly dumbfounded.  He licked his paw furiously to make the hurt go away and once inside, ran from room to room trying to escape the pain.  It got sort of scary when he hid in a corner and panted with his tongue hanging out, so we called the vet. The vet said not to worry unless his face swelled up (and since Sam was pawing at his own nose we wondered if that was next), and to give him 15 mg. of Benedryl. 

Fortunately, we had some on hand and after the usual cat-and-pill frolic that all cat owners know and love so well, we crammed 1/2 of the antihistamine down his throat.  In about 20 minutes, Sammy had found a new hiding place and was dozing.

This morning he came tearing back inside, licking his paw and running back and forth.  We think it was PTSD because the behavior soon ceased.  Sammy, the Cat Who Didn’t Learn a Thing. 

When I get back from the West Coast, we’re building a cat enclosure.  I can’t stand keeping them inside but they need to be kept safe.



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