I rode a big horse!

Father forgive me; it’s been two weeks since my last lesson.  Anguish! But it was for a good cause; I was out of town, working again, earning $. Similar gig to the one in Colorado in March, but this time in Carlsbad, California.  No riding stable at the end of the ordeal, however.  Bummer. Went swimming in the hotel pool on my last night and noticed my swimsuit bottoms were bigger than they use to be.  Must be doing something right!

So tonight I rode a big tall gal, just as big as Gabby, but with a more Valium personality.  Gryffin (Griffin? not sure on spelling but what a great name for a horse!) is 24 and very dressage-wise.  I was offered the chance to ride her or to ride Mo tonight for my first ride in two weeks and I felt pretty confident, so I tried the new horse.  She was awesome!  We even cantered — which was  a little scary but it worked. Boy, are my arms tired.  Riding (and grooming and tacking) a 16 hand horse is lots more work than doing same with a smaller fellow. 

I don’t have any idea why I wasn’t in a panic about riding her.  I guess she’s steadier and not so flighty, plus I’m getting better at horses in general.

It was so good to ride.  I missed it so much.



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2 responses to “I rode a big horse!

  1. Good for you. Sore muscles are all worth it when they come with confidence.

  2. good for you! And extra kudos for your bathing suit bottom! That would deserve a celebration in my book!

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