More Approaching Races

The comment was made yesterday that one of the horses at the barn, a former racehorse, was about as off-the-track as you could get.  The big guy in question, Ghost, is a beautiful dapple-gray fellow.  I just love dapples.  They’re so . . . dappley.  I don’t know how much scratch Ghost earned or where he raced but I do know that he is long and lean.  Leah said that they rode him out in the bottom near the river the other night and he was confused since he’s not used to having grass underfoot. Awwww!

Meanwhile, the third of the big three approacheth, the Belmont.  I was doing a little research for anyone interested in Belmont stakes betting because I’m a fool for research and because I like knowing the history of stuff in popular culture. Belmont is the name of the guy who started the thing in 1866. That’s one year after the end of the Civil War.  Gosh but that’s a long time ago in American History, you know?  Stuff gets venerable pretty fast around here!  The race is older than the Kentucky Derby and it’s longer, so the horse has got to have some endurance.  The race track is in Elmont, New York.  (I thought for sure that was a typo).  Anther source says that the first one wasn’t in New York and had nothing to do with Mr. Belmont — but it was still a Belmont.  Somehow.  No, I cannot explain. That was before the Civil War, which puts a different stamp on things to my mind.



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2 responses to “More Approaching Races

  1. I can’t wait for this race. I’m not a big race fan overall but I love the triple crown races.

  2. Now, I’m disappointed that I’ve heard that Street Sense isn’t running but I”ll still be watching.

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