Krazy Mo Boy

You know what that little buzzard did to me yesterday?  He bit me!!! Me!!! The one who leases him and puts linament on his feet and pays for his hoof care and buys special horse vitamins and brings graham crackers — yeah, me! He bit me! OK, it was more of a nip.  No broken skin and unless you look real close and use your imagination, you can’t really see the damage.  In fact, you can’t see the damage at all. I’m trying right now and I can tell that there’s a little patch of dry skin on my right forearm that might or might not be left over from the nip.  And honestly, it felt like a good pinch.  Still.

And today, he was spooking like crazy.  Yes, things were a little different at the barn; there’s a new groom and the Horse Dentist was there to float teeth so there were different sounds, different people moving around, etc, so Mo felt it was a good time to get all jumpy on me. Leah says this is good.  He feels good and he’s acting like he should, instead of acting like a tired bump on a tired log.  And he feels good because I’m leasing him, working him, giving him vitamins, putting stuff on his feet, etc etc.  Good deeds, eh?  You try to keep an animal healthy and what does he do?  He goes and acts like an animal on you.


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