Just Say Moe

Just Say Moe

It’s funnier if you remember when Nancy Reagan was First Lady. Lee Atwater, that scamp, once  appeared in public wearing a “Just Say Moe” t-shirt.



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2 responses to “Just Say Moe

  1. I do love that kind of humor.

    My favorite t-shirt that I never wear is “Jesus is coming. Look busy.” It’s just not polite to wear something so politically incorrect down here in Mexico.

    However, I did see a young Mexican mother wearing a shirt with “I (heart) Oral Sex.” We figured she didn’t understand it.

  2. I adore the Jesus shirt! There’s another kooky one out there with Jesus holding a pair of high-heeled shoes — and underneath it says, “Jesus Heels.”

    Go to Engrish.com and read the adults only category. Back in the 80s (when Nancy was 1st Lady, come to think of it) there was a vertiable expolsion of clothing sporting Asian idograms. I always shuddered at that since it’s written language, not just a design element, and figured that some of it said “Americans will wear anything.”

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