Cantering without stirrups

Hey, I forgot to mention that I’ve been cantering Mo without stirrups!  How cool is that?  We just rock along (probably not today; the air quality is forecast to be very very bad) and I don’t have my feet in the stirrups and it’s just fine and dandy!  Hooray!



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7 responses to “Cantering without stirrups

  1. My first riding instructor made us practice trotting and cantering with just one stirrup as well. It really came in handy a few times: once when I lost a stirrup on a hunt at a gallop, and another time when I lost a stirrup in the middle of a line. I managed to stay on over the second jump, but then had a hard time getting Hap to stop since I was getting bounced around so much.

  2. I cantered bareback for the first time a couple of weeks ago, on a lesson horse, and it was really fun. It will be a while before I get to that place with my own horse, but that’s OK. Really gives me a lot of respect for native American riders on their wild mustangs.

  3. Alex

    i have been cantering without stirrups for years…my instructor pushed for balance since the first lesson. If i was unbalanced with stirrups we got put on a lunge line and no stirrups. It got interesting.

  4. I haven’t done it for over two weeks! Argh!Ever since I was a kid, I’ve done this weird thing where I do something well — and then the next day cannot perform the task at all. I think it has something to do with anXIEty.

  5. My trainer has me canter and trot in lessons without stirrups too. After you get it it’s the best feeling!

  6. Ella

    I love cantering without stirrups. I find it much more comfortable and easier than with stirrups. I hadn’t done it in ages and then i did it the other day. It was heaven [=

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