Fly Spray is Good.

I can’t remember what kind it is, but I bought some last week and as soon as I spritzed the Mo, the evil flies fell away like so much dew burning up in the intense sun of an insanely hot morning.  He also quit stomping his poor feet and was even jolly enough to do some prime spooking when he saw a small green weed that was growing inside the ring.  Oh, and I tried a fly mask on him but perhaps he has never seen a fly mask before so my efforts to get it on his head were not successful.

I’ve made a commitment at my barn to raise the funds for Fly Predators, so I’ve been reading up on them. Got a brochure in front of me right now, from Spalding labs in fact, and I’d really like to see us all pitch in and give it a try starting this April.  I’m working on a marketing campaign and as soon as I get my “Design for Non-Designers” book, I’m going to put together some little posters (very little — gotta fit in the printer) and make one of those fund-raiser thermometer things with “$0” on the bottom and “$485” at the top or whatever the total will be.  I think it’s worth a try.  Heck, I hope it’s worth a try.  Flies suck.



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3 responses to “Fly Spray is Good.

  1. Katherine

    I ride at a stable where they use fly predators. Plenty of flies still. If they leave the doors open – the flies will come. Save your money.

  2. I am curious as to how you make out with the fly predators. I have also heard that you can not use commercial fly sprays while using them. Has anyone else heard this?

  3. Cathie — thanks for asking. We have not done the fly predators yet. I’m going to start a “capital campaign” next month to collect enough $ to pay for six months worth of fly predator eggs. It’s supposed to be more effective if the predators are started in the spring. I”m working on a poster for the barn and one of those thermometer thingies to show how much we’ve raised and how much we need. It’ll be about $500, I think.

    Since the predators are smaller bugs that eat fly larvae, I don’t know what effect that would have on fly spray. The predators are another insect, not a chemical.

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