That was the sound my body made as I hit the ground in the outdoor sand arena, yea for it was even on little Mo, only Mo, No Problem it’s Just Mo, Oh I Used To Ride Mo When I Was a Beginner, Mo Who Is Not Gabby . . .yes, it was that Mo and he spooked sideways and off I went.  It was worse than December (although obviously not too bad or I wouldn’t be here using both my left and my right hands) because I was wearing short sleeves (my elbow is skinned and I’m working on a charming bruise) and because the ground was harder.  And I also think Mo spooked faster and moved with more alacrity than Gabby did because he’s a smaller horse.  So what they say is true:  you can find yourself in mid-air when you’re riding a little guy. It took me a bit longer to let go the reins this time — I actually saw my own hand (left) holding then.  I knew it wasn’t worth doing but my hand held on anyway.  I also hit harder this time (see above) and had to lie still and think about things for a moment before I got up.  I knew I was breathing and not paralyzed or dead, so I raised my hand and waved at the air, the sun, anyone who might be watching, and God bless her, a nice young woman dismounted and held Mo for me while I staggered upright. 

I was amazed at my first physical sensation — thirst.  I was so thirsty I thought I couldn’t stand it and wanted to gulp water.  Then I wanted to cry, so I walked Mo back and forth and let a few tears out and that seemed to do the trick.  I didn’t want to cry anymore so I got back on and walked him.  I tried to ask Mo to trot and we did kind of shuffle-trot in a circle, but I realized I couldn’t make myself.  When I grazed him, he was kinda pushy and I wasn’t pushing back, so that was interesting too.

I think I came off because, 1) Mo spooked and 2) I wasn’t paying proper attention.  I noticed that he got faster all of a sudden, but that happens sometimes and usually doesn’t signify anything — he likes to go  fast. I was mulling over in my mind, “Gee! I wonder what this uptick in speed is all ab–” and then I was flying through the air.  Flying down, but flying. 

There is so much to master with these creatures!  Mastery of them, mastery of ourselves! It’s endless! 



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7 responses to “Whump!

  1. Oh boy, do I know that feeling of being a beginner all over again, over and over. I’m glad to hear you weren’t hurt.

  2. I’m sorry that you took a tumble. It’s always so disconcerting. I’m glad that you’re ok. And it sounds like maybe you handled the fear better this time?

  3. Kudos to you for getting back on right away!

  4. You’re right — I did handle the fear a lot better. I’ve got another lesson today and while a feel a bit apprehensive, I’m not scared. I think the worst part is telling my husband, however. He doesn’t like this one bit. I don’t blame him. What if the shoe were on the other foot?

  5. Erica

    Yeah, my husband gets upset about it, too. But the last time I fell (knock on wood) I landed on my feet! Unfortunately, there was nobody there to see it — sigh. I know you practice riding without stirrups and breathing — keep it up and maybe you’ll go with the next spook!

  6. Gosh I’m glad you are fine and got back on after letting the tears squeeze out. It does tend to make us remember and respect these great animals.
    My worst fall was a Christopher Reeve type that I somehow lived through. I fell straight onto my head right over the shoulders of this older gelding who tripped and went down on his knees as I was coming up in a posting trot. I never told my husband why my neck was so stiff for fear he would ask me not to ride anymore. I probably had whiplash. I was wearing a helmet. I remember how sore my nose was from the helmet slipping forward.

  7. OK, so how did the lesson go??

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