Interred with their Bones by Jennifer Lee Carrell

I like a swash-bucklin’ woman, which is exactly how the protagonist, Kate Stanley, shows the reader her mettle in the first chapter of this book of deception, mystery, bad Jacobeans, and the theatre. Kate is a young American woman with an academic background who has said Goodbye To All That in order to follow her bliss for the stage and Shakespeare.  That’s all well and good until her former mentor shows up with a mysterious request, then the rebuilt Globe Theatre burns down, and then the mentor shows up again — except dead this time.

Kate gets herself in trouble deep by withholding evidence from the inspectors more capable of this line of work than she is. But at a critical moment, whilst being attacked by a mystery man with evil on his mind, she meets a buff stranger, the nephew of the deceased, who is skilled in multiple arts of war and who has been sent to protect her.  *Sigh.*  Don’t you wish you had a buff stranger who leaps in to run interference for you?  I wish I did. Some gals have all the luck.

The past and the present merge.  In England, the bad blood between families never EVER dies. Neither do the words of the immortal Bard who is quoted liberally within these pages. And author Jennifer Lee Carrell, armed with her doctorate and good writing credentials, has penned a fun thriller.



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