Cool Christmas Present that was in time for my Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday!  I’m 48!  I love being 48!  It’s such an easy number to remember! It’s so . . . so . . . so darn even!  Twice times four is eight! Half of eight is four! What I like best about my birthday is that I have permission to run around all day saying, “Today is My Birthday!”  I want to buy some coloring books to celebrate — even though it’s the day after. So yesterday at my lesson, not only did Mo and I both experience the fruits of the  of the InSynch clinic, but I got a great Christmas present from Leah’s girls:  A picture of Mo all cleaned up for a show!  It’s so sweet and he just looks like dynamite; the camera caught his face at such an angle that the delicate tracery of Arab is clearly visible in his large and noble head.  Most of the time Mo looks like a stack of hair (even when he’s groomed), so the pictures was a nice surprise.  Leah told me that one of her girls even pulled out a  tooth to get money in order to afford the Christmas presents.  I guess I must have looked pretty alarmed because she quickly explained that the girl’s tooth was loose to begin with.  *whew!*



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2 responses to “Cool Christmas Present that was in time for my Birthday!

  1. Ok, that’s what I get for not looking at my calendar. I thought TODAY was the fifth! So I thought I was on time to wish you happy birthday and I’m a date late instead. But I won’t let that stop me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I’m glad you feel about math birthdays the same way I do, which is why I liked 36 but 38 (coming up) not so much.

    In two years we’re going to have to throw ourselves WILD BASHES, eh?

  2. We’ll CHUG apple juice. Big fun!

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