A brief and good lesson

Today we worked on how I hold my body when going to the right. I tend to collapse in and drop my right shoulder, and this became very obvious to Leah one day when I wore a sweater with a strong horizontal band across the upper back/yoke. Since then, I try to wear something similar so that Leah can more quickly spot what I’m doing. I do drop that right shoulder a lot (see post on “And all this time I thought it was the bra” or however I titled it) and of course I can’t tell that I’m doing it since I do it. So I’m trying to push Mo back outside to the wall with my inside leg, but *dropping* my inside shoulder at the same time which sends him a mixed message since dropping my (inside) shoulder is going to make him fall in to the inside. So today Leah had me place my left elbow at my hip (not cram it in there and hold it tight which is my instinct — Get a Bigger Hammer! Hang on Harder! Push More! — but just place it there). As soon as I did that, I quit dropping my right shoulder and voila! as they say, Mo could do what I wanted him to do. Neat, huh?


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