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Saturday, Feb 16

The bareback lessons are what we’re doing for now.  The first thing that happens when I get on Mo is that I get scared. That unstable-in-the-vitals feeling washed across me, my hands and arms feel all loopy and shaky for just a moment, and of course I hang on for dear life with my lower leg which makes me slip and slide around.  So the first few minutes are all about me trying to find my center and not to fall off.  I wobble all over the place and Mo ignores me and wanders around as he pleases while I try to get the thing under control.  Today I  came off, but it was a very slow coming-off, more of a leaning forward and then a sliding to the ground rather than a falling off.  I was suprised to find myself standing up and was also quite proud.  It was a good way to come off!  I worked very hard in my 1/2 hour lesson and it wore me out but good. Towards the end, I couldn’t really put my leg anywhere useful, plus I had to stop and rest a couple of times during the 1/2 hour. 


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Hung up about writing

I get so hung up about writing posts, you know, fellow bloggers out there?  I think that It’s got to be PERFECT somehow.  Oh, and then I have to figure out what perfection means or I get worried about some little thing about writing and blogging and then, viola as they don’t say in France, I write nothing.

I had another bareback lesson last week.  This is the tack that Leah and I are taking for the moment since I really have to work on my balance, plus it’s pretty darn cold still and sitting bareback on a nice warm horse is very comfortable.  Our weather sucks enourmously here, so I don’t know if there will be any riding tomorrow or not (Wednesday night is lesson night), so we’ll have to see.

I bought a new old camera recently, one of those point-and-click35mm cameras that used to cost $150-$200 and now are on e-bay and whatknot.  I was looking at old pictures that I’d taken with a similar camera many years ago and thinking how much more I liked them than the ones I’ve taken digitally. But I’m not much a photog. and I do think art is all — but there’s something about the heft of even a small point-and-shoot film camera that makes me feel comfortable. Waiting to get back the pictures.  I had only B&W film at the time and that takes longer to develop, so we’ll see if the shots of Mo and the cute puppy visiting at the barn on Saturday are any account.

Huh. Look at that.  Wrote a bunch of stuff and hardly even noticed.

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Bareback Mo Lesson

It was cold last night, for sure, but it was straight-ahead cold, not the kind that comes with dampness and huge amounts of wind. Clear sky, stars, that sort of thing. I got to the barn a bit early and spent some time reading an article on cosmology and brains in space that Jack found for me but I get hung up over pretty much anything past 14,000 feet above sea level (I was on Pike’s Peak once and that’s enough) so I just don’t get it.  But the barn cats were fighting for space on my lap and that’s always nice.  Leah suggested that I do the entire lesson sans saddle to which I eagerly agreed.  I used to ride the late and lamented Sadie bareback, rode Gabby bareback once, and have gone a couple of turns on Mo. But trotting? Bareback? Ah . . .no. 

At first, I was nervous, trying to get Mo to move in a particular direction. He spooked at a couple of jumps and generally wandered around because I was too nervous at first to give him any direction.  Dear old Mo — he had my number right away and wasn’t going to do a damn thing that he didn’t have to. So after a few cries of “whoops!” and “Oh dear!”, Leah put me on the lunge line.  That was great.  It was wonderful and relaxing to know that someone else was in control and I when I relaxed, I was able to keep my seat and also able to tell Mo to move, darnit!Move! Plus it’s amazing how easy it is to feel what he’s doing! And warm? Mmm . . . .must be what the cats felt like when they sat on my lap. Never has there been more hair on my fuzzy winter riding pants than there was after last night’s lesson.


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