Saturday, Feb 16

The bareback lessons are what we’re doing for now.  The first thing that happens when I get on Mo is that I get scared. That unstable-in-the-vitals feeling washed across me, my hands and arms feel all loopy and shaky for just a moment, and of course I hang on for dear life with my lower leg which makes me slip and slide around.  So the first few minutes are all about me trying to find my center and not to fall off.  I wobble all over the place and Mo ignores me and wanders around as he pleases while I try to get the thing under control.  Today I  came off, but it was a very slow coming-off, more of a leaning forward and then a sliding to the ground rather than a falling off.  I was suprised to find myself standing up and was also quite proud.  It was a good way to come off!  I worked very hard in my 1/2 hour lesson and it wore me out but good. Towards the end, I couldn’t really put my leg anywhere useful, plus I had to stop and rest a couple of times during the 1/2 hour. 


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