A Plug for Columbus

Or, Jobs That Don’t Suck in Columbus. Seriously. I’m not in the market for an entry-level job these days, but I think there are plenty of keen jobs in this town as opposed to other jobs in other towns south of the Ohio River.  Not naming names here, but were I a young person doing the Appalachian Two-Step wherein one takes two or three steps out of one’s Appalachian town in search of a job, I would consider coming to Columbus.One of the swell, swell companies that has several stores in town is Half Price Books.  I worked for them for one day and they were great! (It was one day because a freelance job turned up on my first day of work to which I  really had to say “yes”– especially since Gabby was sick at the time).  I like Half Price Books  because they give benefits to their employees; insurance, profit sharing, 401K, discounts — plus they are very very nice! I had the best bosses for my 8 hour stint!!! I also like the Northstar Cafe because it’s great food AND because the employees are not expected to reach minimum wage with tips. Customers can tip if they want but really, it’s not necessary.  How often does that happen in the restaurant biz?There’s also a great art school here in town, The Columbus College of Art and Design which turns out artists like nobody’s business.  I want to take a class there some day when I’m not dealing with horses, working, trying to write fiction, knitting, or taking naps. I’m sure an enterprising young person who was interested in art could take classes there and also work at a job that doesn’t suck.


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