Beowulf — the movie and the animated horses in the movie.

We recently watched Beowulf on the very small screen and I’ve got to admit, I liked it more than I thought I would because there were some complexities within the story and some interesting additions to the plot. Of course, it’s that CGI stuff and CGI people have dead eyes (like the Tom Hanks character in Polar Express — he looks  . . .well, maybe Not-Alive is more accurate than “dead”).  And there were some horses because the former Vikings have horses by the time Beowulf is king.  They ride big heavy animated horses which makes sense to us visually, but I wonder if the Norsemen actually rode smaller horses, like today’s Icelandics. The Mongolian warriors preferred smaller horses also since they are easier to mount in a hurry so my suspicion is that heavy draft horses depicted are anachronistic. Hm. I’d like to find out more about that.  But what I *really* noticed was that the CGI horses did not spook when the evil dragon showed up. This big fire-breather comes swooping out the sky and the horses just stood there. Right. As if.  It’s one of those details that makes you understand that someone involved in production didn’t know horses.  There’s no way a horse would stand still for a dragon and one of the riders should have landed on the ground. Funny what you notice, isn’t it, when you like horses.


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