Mo = hair

Eugh! Leah dulled her clipper blades on Mo’s amazingly awful hair. I will reimburse for the cost of sharpening. He looks like a particularly messy haystack, plus he’s curly like crazy and sweats like a human.



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3 responses to “Mo = hair

  1. Jenny Hill

    Have I mentioned that I love your categories for blog posts 🙂

    Just wanted to pass on the good word… an Arabian horse is a finalist for USEF’s “Horse of the Year” award and as a fellow horse lover, I thought you would be interested, particularly because he is very unique… sound familiar:) ?

    His name is Adams Fire and he is a beautiful horse! He is half Arabian, half DHH and ALL American in his “melting pot” background and his merit. He carried three different riders into National Championships this year.

    You can actually vote here:

    I’ll be around, reading and keeping up!
    Thanks for the great blog.

  2. andi4uio

    I just saw his mention here so I thought I would share.

    I was just on Facebook and discovered Adams Fire’s fan page. You should join. I wonder if other horses have one of these. It’s pretty neat.

    Check it out here:

  3. Hi!

    I have a website about horses and horse art and would like to swap links with you.

    When you have added my website to yours please send a quick email and I will add you a.s.a.p

    Here is my link/site:

    Keep up the good job, you have a really nice site!
    Thanks in advance, Alice

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