Mo is hair. It’s true.

It must be spring because a recent grooming yielded horse hair. Not SOME horse hair, not a LITTLE horse hair but drifts, scads, clouds, tons and tons and tons of horse hair. It’s coming right off with the barest touch of any kind of brush you want to use. The shredder blade is best because it doesn’t have long enough teeth to catch the hair and hold into it, like the dog brush I’m also using to try dislodge some of the dirt on Mo’s skin so that Leah’s trimmer doesn’t get ruined again. Someone asked me how long it took to groom him. It’s not how long it takes, it’s how much time one is willing to spend on the task.  time for the lesson to start? Time to go home? Then grooming is done.



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9 responses to “Mo is hair. It’s true.

  1. Yeah, took the shedding blade to Ace today and spent quite a bit of time with it. The hair never stopped coming! But I did want to get a ride in eventually, so I quit. I’m actually thrilled that he’s finally shedding … I can’t wait for that sleek summer coat.

  2. Happy new year for Women and Horses!

  3. Love reading articles all about horse. Keep posting.

  4. Hope everything is OK with MO. No skin problem is there?

  5. Fun to find you. I live in Hawaii, on Kauai. I have a house horse, literally, half my house is a barn. Aristotle is my horse’s name. He made 90, human age, the first of January. I am a columnist. Talk about many things, but you might like to come and read a couple of columns about Ari . ARI AND ME AND VITAMIN C ARI’S NEW GAME. My address is Hawaii is a tourist destination but I still live in cow country. Scroll around. Have fun. Bettejo

  6. Love your blog! I feel your pain! I have 4 horses to keep up with. I will ad you to my blog roll I think my readers will benefit from you blog!

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