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My name is Leslie Birdwell and I’m one of those returning-to-riding-as-an-adult riders who used to be a horse-crazy girl. I rode my stick horse out in public long after the age when most children outgrow such passions and sometimes dream I am cantering on my own biped legs. This is my chance to yammer on and on about how crazy I am about horses and riding.My other interestes include watching time-lapse and kitten-related videos on YouTube.If you want to get in touch, please feel free to e-mail me at astrea1690 AT yahoo  DOT com. I’m spelling out the words AT and DOT to try and reduce my spam. We’ll see. Oh, and “Astrea” was the nickname of Aphra Behn, the first woman to make her living from writing for the theatre in England. She died in 1690 or 1689 and her play, The Rover, is now taught in college courses.


32 responses to “About Me

  1. mike

    hey leslie!
    just thought i’d check out your blog. congrats on the horse. i guess my only connection here is i have a cousin who really loves horses, worked at a stable for the longest time and i think owns a horse through her family…
    anyway. talk to you monday. looks like it will be around 11 a.


  2. Since you love horse we invite you to check out our site. Animal Internet publishes animatorials (editorials written by animals.)


    Sorry if posting this here annoys anyone. I didn’t see an email address.

  3. Julia

    Welcome to horse addicts anonymous. You know you have a problem if you have the following symptoms.
    1) You call home to make sure your horse is O.K.
    2) You vacation when the local riding becomes shitty
    3) Your vet is on speed dial
    4) Your license plate has something to to deal with horses on it
    5) Your day off is planned around riding.
    6) You buy more horse treats than people treats
    7) You list your horse on your taxes as a dependant
    8)You consider horse magazines as porn for they get you more excited
    9) Your horse knows you better than your therapist
    10) When asked if ou would rather have a new piece of jewerly or a horse barn, you choose the barn

    I have been enjoying reading your web page. Julia

  4. Hi,
    A friend referred me to http://www.horsesdiary.com, from which I found the link to your blog.

    SO good to meet you–I love meeting other women who are head-over-heels in love with horses, of courses.


    Just a note, to say Hi, and to ask you to drop in to our new ‘site and show: on Kentucky Derby Day, we launched the only media company for women in Thoroughbred racing (www.AlphaMareMedia.com). I also have a weekly, one-hour show, “View from a Broad.” (Same title as my Editorial on the ‘site.)

    Come on by, and join our growing community of women in the gorgeous sport of Thoroughbred racing. We’re for women who are already professionally involved; for those who WANT to be (but don’t know how to network, how to get “on the inside”); and for those who may know nothing about the sport, but who’d like to learn. (There’s a weekly lesson, in the section, Racing 101.)

    Women comprise the majority of the fanbase in this gorgeous sport–we’re ready to take the reins!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely blog, and for your openness about your passion for horses…God bless you in all you do, and God bless your equine darlings!

  5. Very enjoyable read 🙂

  6. Thank you for visiting!

  7. Hey! This is a terrific blog — thanks for posting it. It is cool to see a kindred spirit out there! I am in the midst of promoting my book about Clifford, CLIFFORD OF DRUMMOND ISLAND (and its sequel) and wanted to share his short video with women horse lovers. It’s pretty funny. http://www.cliffordofdrummondisland.com

    Many thanks and Happy Trails!

  8. Hi there,

    I found your blog and I see you have a link to Central Ohio Riding Club. I’m up north just outside of Cleveland. We’re neighbors!

  9. Come join the support group for equine bloggers who have let their blogs lapse….
    it’s on the hinnywhisperers Never Stop Learning forum

  10. Lisa

    Hi, I saw your blog and was so happy to see I wasn’t the only 40+ who is considered a green rider. I got my mare Ava and have been hugely in love ever since. I plan all my free time around going to the barn. I think I have horse fever. We are doing eventing (maybe this year) but do go to dressage shows in Ohio (I’m in Pittsburgh). Loved your Hunter Pace adventure. I went on one the last two years and, although we made it, we jumped rarely, trotted mostly and occasionally cantered when I felt I had control. Lots of fun. Hope you have a ton of fun with Mopey this year, I’m sure I will with Ava when she’s not making mean faces at me for being on the wrong diagnol, hanging on her face due to fear and asking her to canter when its over 45 degrees!

  11. Hi Leslie–

    Great blog!

    I’d love to speak with you about a partnership with Into Productions.

    Please contact me if you are interested.


  12. I am enjoying your site!

  13. Leslie,

    It’s Fred from ELHS, your old stomping ground (where I don’t recall you going through the halls with a stick horse, but you may have been discreet about that).

    My kids are crazy about horses and I’m at a horse show in Michigan at the moment. (Eventing — the part of the sport where the participants periodically get taken to the hospital.).

    Glad to see such a healthy addiction in an old friend — I mean a friend for many years, not that we’re now both “old.”

  14. I enjoyed reading your blog, I am also a horse lover/rider.

  15. duskydi

    Thought you may remember or like this song.


  16. Teresa

    You are a woman I so can identify with. The love of horses is something so few can identify with. I don’t know what it is that they do for us but they do. Just looking into their eyes can make me think about what they they are thinking. I have four horses right now and I have not ridden for years. I would love to ride, but I have kept them for so long as pets I hesitate to make them work for me. I realize that they would be happier if they had a purpose but I am am 50 and I sometimes think my riding days are over. Sometimes I miss the feeling that riding horses gave me. I used to work at a riding stable and could ride anything you put under me. I live in Ohio so please contact me if you have any ideas about how I can get back in the saddle. I truly would love to hear from you!

  17. Teresa

    I worked at CORC for a while and I learned that Leah loved the horses more than the people that owned them or the people that owned the stable. I like to think that I did my part to continue that thinking.
    To this day I hang the ornament she gave me on my Christmas tree. I think of the horses every time. I don’t think they were loved for themselves more than they were thought of for what other people would think of their owners for what the horse could do for them. Maybe I am a little biased on the part of the horse. Got a lot more to say but ran out of room. Don’t get me started.

  18. Paul

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  19. Ermm Hii

    Im Laura, i have a 15.3hh 3yrold xrace horse n im compleatly in love with him but my mum is a bit nervy round him, she will brush him and change his rugs but the one this i really want her to do is to have a sit on him i know this sounds a bit stupid but . . . does anyone have any tips on how i can get my mum on Magic (my horse) or even my firends 13.3hh cob

    OOO and ps
    i liked reading your blog & Teresa my mum is 40+ she loves horses like you but she thiks she carnt ride them because Magic is too much like a pet to her. And to get back into riding go for some half hour lessons then after a while extend that for an houre then have lessons with you own horses and then go on to have lessons like 1 time a month 😀 Thats how i got back into it and i have been riding 10 years now and iv been One Day Eventing with a 16.2hh ID, you will know if you feel right about riding agane if you have the bug.

    (sorry about spellings i carnt help it x )

    • Teresa poling

      Does your Mum realize that all living things must have a purpose.We all have to have reason to get out of bed each day. Most horses actually love to be ridden because they enjoy it as much as we do. Imagine if you had nothing to do every day. We all live longer if we have a purpose in our lives. Let’s face it, a horse has no bigger burden to bear than humans do in everyday life

  20. delilawagton

    I love your horsey spirit and the tone of your writing! I too am a horse loving girl, trying to fulfill my all time dream and become a jockey. Check out my story and let me know what you think: http://delilawagton.wordpress.com/
    Thanks, Delila

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  22. Teresa poling

    I know from past posts that you guys know that I have four horses. My favorite horse to ride was my only mare. She is now 22 and I am reluctant to make her work as is she, so I now ride my P.O.A. He is the favorite of me and my grandkids. What a lovely pony he is. He is just small enough for the kids, yet big enough for the adults. I love him dearly as I do all of my horses.
    They serve multiple meanings in my life. The other 3 I really love to watch run and interact. They are all as gentle as kittens. If you approach them right, they will nuzzle you and love to be touched and loved on, but like most animals they react to the feeling of fear and will react accordingly. My advice to newcomers is to treat your horse as you would like to be treated. They reacft like you would. They are pretty much human.

  23. Teresa poling

    I know from past posts that you guys know that I have four horses. My favorite horse to ride was my only mare. She is now 22 and I am reluctant to make her work as is she, so I now ride my P.O.A. He is the favorite of me and my grandkids. What a lovely pony he is. He is just small enough for the kids, yet big enough for the adults. I love him dearly as I do all of my horses.
    They serve multiple meanings in my life. The other 3 I really love to watch run and interact. They are all as gentle as kittens. If you approach them right, they will nuzzle you and love to be touched and loved on, but like most animals they react to the feeling of fear and will react accordingly. My advice to newcomers is to treat your horse as you would like to be treated. They react like you would. They are pretty much human.

  24. Teresa poling

    Please tell me that you have convinced your Mum to ride. Recently I took a ride on my POA and thouroughly enjoyed it. In my younger days I worked at a riding stables and though I did not make a lot of money I still look back on those days as the best days of my life. And believe me I have a certain connection with my horses that not many people can understand. I think that your Mum thinks she has that the same thing going on. She thinks that horses should not be worked even though they really enjoy having something something to do as long as they are not mistreated. I have no fear that with your Mother this is an issue.

  25. Teresa poling

    Seriously I though their were more women out there that have a deep love for their horses. Lets face it, we all have raised our children and what is left but our horses. When we need someone to talk to who listens better than our equine friends?
    God knows they do not have a real opinion, but they are really good listeners. I don’t know about you, but I like to think they really understand what I am talking about

  26. I have an informational blog dealing in farrier and horse handling and would like to be included in your links area. I will return the favor. Please take a look at my site. Thanks, Bob Burdekin

  27. Hi Leslie,
    I resonated with your description of your horse journey. I too am learning and taking lessons and writing to help solidify my newly learned skills. I have created a link from my blog to yours and would love if you would consider doing the same.

    Tara 🙂

  28. paula

    Leslie, I was so happy to read your about me post. I have had a love for horses for as long as I can remember. Although my interactions have always been brief, via trail riding by the hour. It has been a dream that always seemed to be just at arms length. Then my husband knowing this was a dream for me began taking steps to help me make it a reality. I have been taking lessons, but have gotten to the point where I feel like there are so many things I need to learn that just taking a riding lesson every week will not teach me. I am considering the next step by purchasing my first horse that I would keep at a local boarding facility where I take lessons. Do you have any suggestions for this mid-life horse lover looking to get started but wanting to do it right?

  29. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  30. Hello! Lovely blog. I am a 40 yr old mother of 5, former natural horsemanship trainer, farrier and eng & west level 1 coach turned historical romance author. I recently published my 8th historical romance called Through Gypsy Eyes. It is the story of a blind woman and her guide pony. I would love to drop by your blog sometime and share it with you and your followers.

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