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 035.JPG Katherine Blocksdorf, the expert for horses, covered the topic of sew-it-yourself riding clothes.  She linked to a company called Suitablity that sells patterns for all kinds of rider clothes, horse clothes, and general stuff like hay and feed bags.  It’s got my attention since I used to sew some (made myself a Renaissance costume a few years ago that was pretty complicated if I do say so myself). The flared breech and jodpur pattern has my attention because if calls for non-stretchy material.  I think it would be fun to have something that doesn’t cling so darn much.  Sometimes I stop off at the grocery after a lesson and I feel awkward and clownish in my stretchy pants.  Since I knit, I’ve been wondering about some way to combine knitting and horses. Could I knit:  – a horse blanket? (Wow, that would take a lot of yarn!)  – leggings to wear under my winter riding tights?  – a darling cover for my helmet?  – some kind of horse-boot? The possibilities, while not endless, don’t lack for cheerful silliness!



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