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Hunter Pace

This Saturday, one of my barn mates and I are going to participate in a Hunter Pace.   Audrey will ride her Dusty and I’ll ride my Mo.  We’ll be in the Go Horse Go! class, which means that we will try to maintain a pace of 4 mph over a course that will be between 3 and 6 miles long.

So.  Is there such a thing as a hippodometer? Equiped? Equipedometer? How do I figure out exactly how fast Mo moves?   I don’t have a clue.

I’m not overly worried about winning, just looking forward to the fun of riding outside on a marked path.  Audrey and I are a team, the Cultured Pearls (Dusty is white, Mo is black, and we humans are getting a bit of age on us but in a good way). Other folks from the barn are doing the Hunter Pace too, probably in the faster division where some jumping is required.  Yes, there will be obstacles and no, we shall not jump them.



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