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Back in MY day . . .

I hung out during a lesson the other night. Not one of my better decisions because it was way cold. It was an attempt to provide moral support to a friend who would have been working out there (to me, it’s out there) on a cold dark night, so I sat in on her class (she taught 5 girls) and sorta kinda help direct traffic once the lesson was over.

Watching the students and their parents reminded me of the days when I tool lessons, and in those days parents did not stay. They did not stay at birthday parties, they did not stay at lessons, they did not stay at sports practice, they did not stay at Brownie meetings or choir meetings or play with the children.

This is no longer the case and has not been the case for about 20 years, but I’m not used to it.  And it was colder than . . .oh my goodness the swear words I could use to describe the cold! . . .so it was good that the girls had some help with putting away saddles and such. And I sympathize with the families that have to pick up one kid from one activitiy and then get on the road to pick up the next kid from the next activity (no one goes to bed before 10:30 p.m. anymore either and I really hate to see that as well).  But I don’t sympathize with parents who give their kids directions while the kids are in class. The child should have only one teacher at a time. I believe this because I myself cannot listen to more than one person at a time. And the teacher can’t tell the parent to be quiet.

Fly predator update: They are on order. The first batch should ship in April

Gabby update: She is fine. I give her a treat every now and again and wonder at her prehensile upper lip.



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Fly Spray is Good.

I can’t remember what kind it is, but I bought some last week and as soon as I spritzed the Mo, the evil flies fell away like so much dew burning up in the intense sun of an insanely hot morning.  He also quit stomping his poor feet and was even jolly enough to do some prime spooking when he saw a small green weed that was growing inside the ring.  Oh, and I tried a fly mask on him but perhaps he has never seen a fly mask before so my efforts to get it on his head were not successful.

I’ve made a commitment at my barn to raise the funds for Fly Predators, so I’ve been reading up on them. Got a brochure in front of me right now, from Spalding labs in fact, and I’d really like to see us all pitch in and give it a try starting this April.  I’m working on a marketing campaign and as soon as I get my “Design for Non-Designers” book, I’m going to put together some little posters (very little — gotta fit in the printer) and make one of those fund-raiser thermometer things with “$0” on the bottom and “$485” at the top or whatever the total will be.  I think it’s worth a try.  Heck, I hope it’s worth a try.  Flies suck.


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