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More Countdowns

As of this moment during which I write, there’s 30 days, 3 hours, 59 minutes and 27 seconds– whoops, make that 22 — no wait, 5 seconds!– until the Breeders Cup in October, and there’s plenty of intel out there about which horse can do what. Man, it must get heart-breaking to be a trainer and and owner: the horse that was doing so well suddently develops a bad habit or changes her mind about where she wants to put her feet. That’s why we have to keep up on it if we want to know what’s going on. I like all that track talk, the famiilar, slangy punditry that has morphed over the years along with the rest of the English language (alas, I’m mono-lingual. I don’t know how they talk about le cheval in France). It’s so ango-saxon! I think. Did the anglo-saxons race horses? Sure they did, if they had ’em to race. It’s got to be pure human nature to find other animals that go like the wind and then jump on the backs of those animals — or make machines that go like the wind. But machines don’t ound and thunder on four legs (of course), and the horses headed for the Breeder’s Cup do.



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